Crochet Anyone?

I have decided that for my Learning Project for my Social Media and Open Education master’s class, I will learn how to crochet. I have always been intrigued by crocheting and knitting and somewhat jealous of those that could do it. One of the reasons I’ve never learned before is because it kinda seemed like an activity only old ladies did. However, in more recent years I have met many young, hip ladies that can crochet/knit!

So why did I choose crocheting over knitting you might ask? Really knowing nothing about either, I thought that crocheting might be easier to get the hang of. After all you only have one tool instead of two. I’m not the most ambidextrous individual so it seemed like a good fit for me. I also went to the internet to see what Google had to say. There, I found several sites (site 1 and site 2) claiming crocheting over knitting for reasons like it is faster, cheaper to get started, and it’s easier to cover up your mistakes….and so I was sold. I remember when I was a teenager my mom tried her hand at knitting to pass the long hours of watching me in a cold rink (I was a figure skater). She kept ripping it all out and starting over. I don’t think she ever finished anything. Chalk up another point for crocheting!

The more I look into it the more crocheting seems like a skill I need to master. I like the idea that I can make my own hats, scarves, blankets, etc. Especially scarves, I love them! Maybe if I get good at it I can make presents for my friends and things for my daughters. I really love the thought of being able to make things for my girls. It is also a hobby I can take with me on long car rides (which we do frequently) and it doesn’t take up much space (also another win). For a non-selfish reason, my mom told me about Izzy Dolls that are crocheted or knit and sent to children in parts of the world experiencing conflict. Being able to give a child a doll that would hopefully bring some joy to their life amidst the conflict going on around them, would feel really good.

Now to figure out what I need to get started!


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