Third time’s a charm…or is it?

I’ve been practicing my chain stitch and even though it isn’t great, I feel I need to move on to learning a new stitch. It is also kind of boring just doing a chain stitch over and over again! I thought I would try my hand at a single crochet stitch. One of the videos I viewed taught the stitch and in the end I’d end up with a coaster. I thought this was great. I would actually produce something.

My wanting to produce something may mirror my students’ feelings in school. Putting all their knowledge together to make a product feels better than just completing a worksheet or a test. You also get a sense of accomplishment and product you can show to your peers, parents, etc.

My first attempt went horribly and I didn’t make it very far before I pulled it all apart to start again. My second attempt didn’t go much better. I was losing stitches quickly. My square coaster would soon turn into a single chain. Third time’s a charm, or is it?

Here’s what the coaster is supposed to look like…

ideal coaster

Here’s what mine looked like…

coaster attempt

I hadn’t quite got the hang of it to say the least! All I had got was a killer hand cramp. I knew that I was losing stitches again, but I decided to keep going for the practice. I think I figured out where I was going wrong and the seven or so top rows I managed keep my number of stitches consistent.

I made one more attempt because, let’s face it, attempt #3 was an epic fail. Here is my finished coaster (I haven’t learned how to get rid of the ends yet).

fourth attempt coaster

It isn’t perfect by a long shot. I was so focused on not losing stitches that I actually managed to gain a couple. Again, I think I’ve learned from my mistake. I also stitched the first couple of rows much too tight. I could barely get my hook in between the stitches. That is part of the reason the bottom curves like it does. A blog I read warned beginners of this, now I know what is considered too tight. I may make one more just to be sure. Yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist!

Here’s a video of the basics of the single crochet stitch.

Now to figure out how to get rid of the ends.




2 thoughts on “Third time’s a charm…or is it?

  1. I like that you have the visuals to aid in self-assessing your progress. Much like with students it helps serve as that exemplar and journal of your learning and in turn adds some humanity to your process… I don’t know what you teach specifically but what I have found interesting is having my students check out my progress. Whether or not they’d admit it, they appear to enjoy watching the learning process and the self-talk part of the learning project.


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