Finally… A Completed Coaster!

I wasn’t satisfied with my fourth attempt at a coaster so I set out to try, try again. It didn’t go well at the start. I had to pull it apart another 3 times and then I decided to leave it for the night. The next morning it went much better. I had my coaster in just under 2 hours. I know, 2 hours is a long time for a 5″ by 5″ coaster, but I guess it’s a process and hopefully I’ll get a lot faster.

I had trouble again with losing stitches. My last stitch was always difficult for me to see and so tight it was hard to get my hook into it. The thing with losing stitches is you can’t tell you’ve lost them till several rows up. This is extremely frustrating. I also would sometimes get lost in the middle of a row and have to rip out stitches till the start of the row. Despite all my mistakes I managed to get a pretty good looking coaster.

Final coaster

Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of myself!

Now I had to learn how to weave the yarn tails into my project. That was actually the easiest part. I needed that yarn needle sooner than I thought! I’m glad I had already bought one.

Coaster weaved in

Here is a short video of me weaving in the tails.

I wanted a little assistance in solving my problem with losing stitches. I watched the YouTube video Learn How To Crochet~Lesson 1of 6 “Basic Crochet Stitches Series” by Made With Love By Glama to learn how to make this coaster. I left a comment under the video asking for help. I also joined one of her Facebook groups where people share their crochet projects and asked questions. Hopefully I’ll hear back from her soon with a little advice.


6 thoughts on “Finally… A Completed Coaster!

  1. Congratulations, Jannae! Although it may take a lot of time, but it worths. I weaved scarfs for my parents before. It took me 2 months, I was so happy and proud when I was done. In China, we call these handmade things from people who loves you gifts of “brand of love”.


  2. Well done, Jannae! Must feel nice to have finally finished the coaster after all that time spent on it. I am sure you will get faster at crocheting as you continue to practice!


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