A Cup Koozie

After mastering, and I use that term very loosely, the single crochet stitch, I am moving on to the half double crochet stitch. I found the following YouTube tutorial to help me.

Again, I picked an instructional source that would allow me to end up with a product. I liked feeling of accomplishment I had when I completed my coaster and it allows me to show the new stitch I’ve learned. My learning of the half double crochet stitch resulted in a cup koozie. The next time I hit up Tim Horton’s or Second Cup, I won’t need one of their cardboard koozies, I’ll have my own.

koozie selfie

Not only will I be able to show off my super cute koozie, but I’ll be saving the environment too. Now that is a double win!

I think that I like this stitch better than the single crochet. I found it easier to count my stitches and didn’t seem to make near as many mistakes. I may just be getting the hang of this crochet thing! I did do a practice run before I started my koozie to make sure I had the basics of the stitch. I still had trouble figuring out exactly where to start and end. I watched several videos to make sure that I was inserting my hook in the right loop to begin with. The videos all explain it a little bit differently which can be a good thing, but it can also be a little bit confusing. I rewatched them several times and had to end with the one that made the most sense to me.

Here’s a picture of my koozie before I joined the ends together.


You can see that the one end bubbles out a little because I was adding stitches. Once I got that corrected though, it went pretty smoothly.

Joining the ends was pretty simple. It was very similar to weaving the yarn ends in. Once I was all finished I turned it inside out so the seam wasn’t as visible. I should have weaved in my other yarn end before turning it inside out but you can’t really tell. Once it was all together you can barely see where I messed up!

I didn’t get to complete this project all in one sitting (I don’t get much uninterrupted time these days!) so I’m not sure how long it took me to finish. I think it went faster than the coaster though. It is a bigger stitch than the single crochet so you need less of them.


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