Correcting Crochet Mistakes

When I began the half double crochet stitch, I was worried I would forget the single crochet stitch. I went back and practiced it a little to solidify it in my mind. I still have more stitches to learn and the chances of them getting all jumbled in my ‘baby brain’ is quite probable! The solution I came up with to rectify this possible kerfuffle is to make brief notes about each stitch on cue cards. That way I can quickly and easily refresh my memory when switching stitches.


At this point I wanted to make sure that I was counting stitches properly and inserting my hook into the the correct stitch for the different stitches. Looking at this picture it appears that I added stitches right at the start.

checking stitches

I went in search of a site that would give me still pictures. The site gave me both pictures and a video. The picture of the stitches and beginning of the video helped me with counting as I had been doing it somewhat wrong.counting stitches 2

Photo credit:

I had the right number in my foundation chain because I would count those as I crocheted them, but once I got to the next row I wasn’t counting the loop on the hook and the stitch next to it. This means I would have an extra stitch and not know it. To verify I was inserting my hook in the right stitch at the start of a new row, I watched several YouTubes over and over again. The angle and the color of the yarn made it difficult to tell. I looked at pictures from several sites as well. Just when I think I’m doing it correctly, I look at/watch something that makes me think I not! Below I have put a video of me starting the second row using a half double crochet stitch, please leave me a comment to let me know if I’m doing it right or how I can do it correctly. Thank you in advance.

Glama responded to my question about losing and gaining stitches that I had asked after her YouTube video and her advice was to use stitch markers to mark my first and last stitch.

I got some cotton yarn, which was quite difficult for me to find because I didn’t reWool yarnally know what I was looking for, and got started on another dishcloth. This one I’ll actually be able to use! The stitch markers were quite helpful because I found that it was more difficult to distinguish which was my first stitch with the cotton yarn. That made counting stitches challenging and I was never sure if the number I came up with was correct. Even with using the stitch markers, I managed to screw up at one part. Hopefully when I figure out how to edge properly it will hide this mistake somewhat.

cotton dishcloth

On the subject of edging, I asked on Glama’s Facebook page if anyone had any tips or knew of any good tutorials for edging. I have two Likes, but I’m still waiting for a response. Through Pinterest I found another article on edging, but it still didn’t make sense to me. Can anyone help me?


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