Creating With SMART Recorder

For class this week we are supposed to pick a creation tool that we are unfamiliar with. I use my SMART Board in class a lot but I had never used the recording option on it. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to figure it out. Some of my students in one of my classes were finished their work so I asked if they’d like to help me out. After a couple of failed attempts trying to use the screen capture option to record, we googled how to record! This short video got us set up.

We played with it a little bit and found that we couldn’t hear anything just using the mic on my computer. The kids told me I would need a to buy a microphone. Luckily I remembered I had a wireless headset with a mic in my desk that I had used a couple years ago for getting students to record themselves on PPT. However, it needed to be charged so we couldn’t test it out right away. The students told me I might have to record my video with no sound, then record my voice, and then lay them over each other. This sounded like more than my weak technical skills could handle, but they assured me that with a program like Windows Media Player or WeVideo it wouldn’t be that difficult. I think they really enjoyed being the experts and getting to teach me!

Fortunately, the sound using the microphone I had turned out pretty good. Here is my review of SMART Recorder.

I also think SMART Recorder would be a useful tool to record short how-to videos for using technology. Clearly, some students don’t need a tutorial, but some do. As I try to incorporate more technology into my classroom and give my students the option of using technology for assessments, I think SMART Recorder would provide me an great option for making tutorials. That way I don’t need to spend class time teaching how to use a tool only a few may use to show their learning. It could be a valuable tool to help my students develop the key skills needed in a digital age.  

Leave a comment below letting me know how you use SMART Recorder in your classroom or if you’ve tried a different creation tool you think is better.

For some other creation tool reviews, check out the some of my classmate’s blogs. Roxanne reviewed GoAnimate, Chalyn discussed Adobe Spark, and Graham checked out Screencastify.


4 thoughts on “Creating With SMART Recorder

  1. That’s too bad your computer doesn’t pick up audio.I have been able to use the mic that my webcam uses on my computer and it seems to pick up just fine. Although I have though about a headset because the voice would be less echoey and would probably have better sound quality. Great job on the screencast!


    1. I have just started using the SMARTrecorder app and I am finding that it is working great but it would work better with a mic. My lessons are not the best quality, I have a long ways to go before I am on the same page as Khan or Crash Course, but they are getting the job done it seems


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