Coming to a Close

Our online prototype assignment is coming to close, and I have to say that I’m excited for it to be over. When we were first introduced to this assignment I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that much work or take that much time. I mean, I plan multiple lessons every day. How hard can it be to transfer that to an online platform and throw in a video? As it turns out, it is not that easy. I was, oh, so wrong.


Like Logan, I have felt so many emotions while working through this assignment. Anxiety, defeat, and stress (I’m pretty sure technology hates me!) are some of the more negative feelings, but I also felt challenged, engaged, and proud of our final product. Right now I mostly (like Carla), feel exhausted!

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I have a new appreciation for people who make instructional guides. Thinking through every little detail of a lesson and then translating that to a guide that everyone and anyone can understand and easily follow takes work. It is much different than the lesson plans I make for myself. I really thought about all types of different learners and if my activities would be engaging and relevant for varying levels of students. Do my activities flow nicely? Did I provide all the links I should have? If a teacher isn’t familiar with this concept can they still make use of this guide? Can they follow how I picture this lesson going in my head? These are the questions I was asking myself. I feel like I looked it over a hundred times and adding or changed something each time. I found it a bit difficult to make this guide having never taught this lesson. I’m sure if I actually get a chance to teach it, I would make more changes!

The making of the video was a whole other story. It took me no less than 14 hours to make! If I were to do it again, I’m sure it would go a lot quicker. Figuring out new programs takes time, especially when you’re technology deficient like I seem to be. Like Lindy, this is one of the reasons I have been reluctant to assign digital assessments in the past. I don’t have the skill set and lack the time to figure out all these amazing programs. However, I’m changing my thinking. When it comes to digital tools, you don’t need to have it all figured out ahead of time. Our students are smart and being digital natives they can figure out tools faster than I can and we can all learn together. It’s important that as well as teaching my subject area, I am teaching or facilitating digital creation opportunities for my students.

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I think the easiest part of the assignment was using the LMS. There was still a bit of a learning, and setting it up to have someone view, is again different than if you were actively using it with students. I would really like to try using Google Classroom (the LMS platform we chose for our prototype) for one of my classes. When I look at the mess of papers in my student’s binders and duo tangs, I feel this would be a great organization system for them, and me! 

In closing, although I’m glad this assignment is wrapping up, I did learn an immense amount. Mission accomplished Alec and Katia, mission accomplished!

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5 thoughts on “Coming to a Close

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  2. I agree with you! So many emotions and now, exhaustion! Especially with it being report card season and conference time! Totally rewarding though.

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